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Past Examination Papers

There are two examinations per annum, one in June and the other in November.  The candidate can register for one examination or both and the relevant discipline being electrical or mechanical engineering.   


National Certificate Plant Engineering (8190316)

Nov 2019 Jun 2019
Nov 2018 Jun 2018
Nov 2017 Jun 2017
Nov 2016 Jun 2016
Nov 2015 Jun 2015


Non-National Certificate Occupational Health and Safety Act (13050046)

Nov 2019  Jun 2019
Nov 2018 Jun 2018
Nov 2017 Jun 2017
Nov 2016 Jun 2016
Nov 2015 Jun 2015



Mines and Works Plant Engineering (8190306)

Nov 2018     Nov 2014
Jun 2014 Nov 2013
Nov 2012 Nov 2011
Jun 2011 Nov 2010
Nov 2010 Nov 2009


Mines and Works Legal Knowledge (13050026)

Nov 2014  Jun 2014
Nov 2013 Jun 2013
Jun 2012 Jun 2011
Nov 2010 Jun 2010
Nov 2009 Jun 2009


 Mining and Factory Professionals

Certificated Mechanical or Electrical Engineers in mining and factory are the professional engineering practitioners recognised by law in South Africa to accept legal responsibility to improve health and safety in mines and works.  These Engineers need to provide solutions reliant on basic scientific, mathematical and engineering knowledge, supported by analysis and synthesis, and underpinned by sound techno-economic analysis.  Solutions must take into account the needs of society and the protection of the physical environment. 

The Certificated Engineer brings to an engineering problem leadership, management, and a technologically specific approach, supported by financial, commercial, statutory, safety, and environmental knowledge as required. The Certificated Engineer manages interactions within and at the boundaries of the industry context and technology domain.





The Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, South Africa, invites all students studying towards their Engineering Certificate of Competency, and not younger than 18 years of age, to apply.  It is also expected that upon completion of studies that students become Corporate Members of the Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, South Africa. 

The Institution of Certificated Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, South Africa, aids students with their studies in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering (Heavy current) with of a Bursary fund program.   To be considered for this Bursary, the student is studying at a recognised South African university as a full-time student in either Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering (Heavy current). The student is in his or her second year of studies. 

Complete the ICMEESA Bursary Questionnaire Click here to apply online or download the Bursary Application Form for 2020.

2019 bursary applications are closed. 2020 bursary applications will open from July 2019 till 30 Sept 2019. If the Bursary applicant has not received any written communication from our offices after 30 November 2018, then the application was unsuccessful.

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